Check out the latest podcast with Carla Rodrigues! Carla is the owner of Tailor Love ((my favorite tailor for suits)! Tailor Love is AWARD WINNING for BEST TAILOR in San Diego in 2017!!! Tailor Love is an exclusive boutique for those with professional tailoring needs! She is an amazing entrepreneur woman that came from a group of small islands in the middle of the Atlantic called Azores with a big dream and a small budget to the land of opportunity. When she moved to San Diego she started with a small shop and only a chair for customers to sit and 1 sewing machine. Nevertheless she had big dreams because family always told her, “If you never try you will never know,” and, “You have to do it for yourself, hustle to be independent.” Hear Carla’s Story: Apple: Samsung: Contact Carla Rodrigues: 3523 5th Avenue (Hill Crest) 619-788-9756 (call/text) Tailor Love on all platforms Achivements : Featured with azorean Tv Feature article at Tailor Love at Hillquest magazine Featured azorean newspaper Featured in the movie “The Batman chronicles ” Be the seamstress at the runway show at the hotel del Coronado for Jewlers of America Tailor for guest Actors at comic con Judge at Miss Teen San Diego 2016 Won Best Tailor in San Diego 2017 Having this opportunity with Life by design magazine Being blessed with the best clients