About Us

We have over 20 years of experience at Tailor Love and we offer professional tailoring, sewing, and designing of clothes. We listen to our clients visions to alter existing gowns and garments to fit and make them look and feel great. Carla Daniela is the owner of Tailor Love and she believes that If you can imagine it, we can make it.

Carla was born in Azores, Portugal, early in life she started trading toys for fabrics, that would be left from Grandma Albertina’s sewing and Carla would transform them into specialty gowns, ball gowns, evening gowns and two-piece dresses. Carla’s taste for fashion design and tailoring would grow through the years, and so would her knowledge by graduating in fashion and textile design. Carla loves sharing ideas and working with other seamstresses, and tailors in the United States and Portugal.

Carla had the dream of opening her own atelier where she could create and help clients visions come to life, and gowns and garments be customized and unique. In 2020 she is now celebrating 10 years of her vision at Tailor Love with happy clients and making them look their best.

Thank you for your support and business.

Carla Daniela


Highly skilled and professionally trained at:

  • Weddding dresses
  • Custom tailoring

Please contact us at tailor.love@hotmail.com or call /text at 619-788-9756 for a free estimate.

  • Redesign
  • Fashion designing